My Go Prepoos ~ How Do They Compare

Updated: Mar 26

When it comes to my wash day, prepooing is a MUST because prepooing helps prep my hair for the wash day. It helps with detangling, and it helps add moisture to my hair.

Now for the longest, unless I made my own prepoo mixture, Neges Banda's Chebe Prepoo was my go. However, when one of my favorite brands, Mane Krush, came out with a prepoo last year I was caught up in an entanglement between the two!

Let’s take a closer look at each one so you can see exactly why.

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Neges Banda Chebe Prepoo

Price $24.50 for 12 oz

This prepoo has a super creamy consistency that just melts into your strands, it smells AHMAZING, has some BOMB slip, and it’s infused with some bomb.

Some of those ingredients are:

  • Honey ~ Has both emollient and humectant properties which make it a great hair moisturizer because emollients help smooth and soften the hair and while humectants help pull in moisture from the air and seal it into your strands.

  • Chebe (Powder and infused oil) ~A Chadian hair secret that been known to help support healthy hair because this blend of indigenous herbs helps strengthen the hair strands and protect them from damage.

  • Marshmallow Root ~ A natural conditioning herb rich in mucilage that provides great slip when detangling the hair. This herb is also rich in plant proteins and vitamins that promote hair growth, it provides moisture, and its anti-bacterial properties can help soothe and relive an itchy, inflamed scalp.

  • Slippery Elm ~A natural conditioner abundant in a mucilage that provides tons of slip (hence the name slippery elm). It's also rich in amino acids that promote healthy hair growth, calcium that helps strengthen the strands, and this herb can help bring dull hair back to life.

Combined these ingredients provided my hair with tons of moisture and shine, and it made my hair extremely soft.

Want to see for yourself? Just check out this video here!

Mane Krush Ayurvedic Prepoo

Price $14.88 for 8 oz / $28.78 for 16 oz

This prepoo has a nice creamy consistency that easily applies to the hair. The slip in this one is BOMB so detangling is a breeze, the strawberry scent smells divine, and it’s infused with some great ingredients. In fact, just like the chebe prepoo, this prepoo also contains honey, chebe powder, and marshmallow root. However, it is also infuse quite a few other ingredient as well.

Some of the other ingredients included in it are:

  • Aloe Vera Juice ~ Contains a high concentration of water, so it is great for adding moisture to your hair. It also conditions you strands, add shines, and it helps soothe an irritated scalp.

  • Fenugreek ~ Rich in mucilage that provides great slip when detangling the hair. This herb also provides moisture, conditions, assist in controlling hair loss, and can also help promote healthy hair growth.

  • Stinging Nettle ~ Rich in antioxidants that act as a shield to help protect the hair. It is also rich in fatty acids and minerals that nourish your strands in order to help promote growth, and it's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are a great addition to a healthy scalp routine.

  • Burdock Root ~ Known for it anti-microbal properties, burdock root can help treat scalp issues. It's also rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, folate, vitamin C and B6, which allow it to assist with thinning hair and bald spots.

  • Maca Root ~ A micronutrient herb that nourishes and strengthens the hair follicle, thickens the strands, can aid in reducing hair loss, and has been shown to stimulate the scalp.

  • Cassia ~ A strengthening herb that is also an excellent conditioner that helps add shine to dull strands. It contains anti-microbal and anti-fungal properties that can assist with scalp conditions like dandruff as well.

  • Amla ~Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which help strengthen the hair follicles and assist in reducing shedding. Additionally, the calcium in it promotes healthier hair, and its anti-fungal properties suggest that it can improve scalp health.

As you can see, this prepoo has some bomb ingredients that can definitely get your strands together. They’ll feel hydrated yet strengthened at the same time.

Oh, and just in case you want to see this prepoo in action too, you can check it out here.

Now Let's Compare

  • Price and Size Option ~ The Mane Krush prepoo comes in two available size options as opposed to the one Negés Banda size option, and the price of Mane Krush does give you a little more bang for your buck.

  • Ingredients ~ Both products include natural, high-quality ingredients. However, Mane Krush includes all of the same ingredients as the Negés Banda prepoo (except Chebe oil), and it also includes quite a few additional ayurvedic herbs as well.

  • Consistency ~ The Mane Krush Ayurvedic prepoo has creamy consistency but it is slighty looser that the Negés Banda Chebe prepoo which is more on the thicker side and has a little tackiness to it.

  • Slip ~ Both products provide really good slip that make detangling a breeze. However, the Negés Banda prepoo does have a little bit more.

  • Scent ~ Both smell really good. The Néges Banda one has a chocolatey scent and the Mane Krush one smells like strawberries.

  • Moisture ~ The Negés Banda Chebe Prepoo is a a little more moisturizing than the Mane Krush Ayuverdic prepoo. However, while the ayurvedic prepoo does provide moisture, with it my strands felt strengthened as well.

Now that we’ve looked at both prepoos, let’s get to what you all probably want to know...which do I prefer?

Honestly, I really can’t choose one over the other. They are both bomb products from bomb black owned companies. However, the one I reach for each wash day just depends on my hair’s needs at the time.

If my strands need to be strengthened then Mane Krush it is, but if my strands are super thirsty and needs moisture, then reaching for Negés Banda would be my first choice.

I hope that help. Do you prepoo? If so, what’s your go to product? I’m always looking to try new things.